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The DVD shows seven girls in six movies, each at a different location. Isabella walks through the mill stream to the weir where the little waterfall and the mill lake looks perfect for swimming. Nina relaxes in the bathtub and Michelle tests her full winter outfit in the pool! Regina follows the barefoot path through mud ditch and river and Chiara treats herself a break, fully clothed in the paddling pool. After this we see Lea and Celina playing ball in the water of the floodplains.
DVD 2014a is our ninth regular DVD in 16:9 format, optimised for display on flatscreen TVs. The videos have been recorded with professional equipment in HD format and DVD encoded in progressive widescreen MPEG codec.

  • Isabella
  • Nina
  • Michelle
  • Regina
  • Chiara
  • Celina and Lea
  • Bonus material: trailer and four slide shows
Trailer, 73sec DivX 17.4MB Video captures

110min video, 16:9 Widescreen, HD recording, Stereo Surround

Our DVD guarantees highest movie quality. It is suitable for playing in Hifi DVD player as well as for PCs. We use high quality discs of the standard DVD-R, which can be played on almost all modern DVD players. For best picture and sound quality we recommend a playing on a Hifi DVD player in Surround mode.

We offer our DVDs in PAL and NTSC standard. When mailing the order you are asked by a dialog field to enter your required standard. Our original films are recorded in PAL, therefore the best image quality is reached on the PAL version of the DVD. The NTSC version has a lower pixel resulution and interpolated frames for representation in 60Hz television standard.

The ownership of the DVD does not include any rights about duplication or selling of the movies or the DVD itself.

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