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Picture CD 2005a 25 EUR

HTML based picture collection with slide show for every gallery. All photos are taken in 2005 and show six different models. The CD includes over 800 Wetlook pictures in high quality, every picture in two resolutions, so in summery over 1600 photos. All photos are colour optimised and can be used to develop real photo papers. Additional to the Wetlook galleries, the CD includes casting pictures of all models, a special gallery from our photographer and a special gallery with slide show about the 24 best pictures of 2005.

  • Nadine · Bath tub · Evening sun at Calmont
  • Gloria · After work · Princess
  • Jasmin · Pink top
  • Franziska · Evening sun
  • Jana · The swimming tire
  • Heidi · Wet Jeans Girl

  • movie photos · Adriana and Monika · Jasmin · Nadine - River Mosel
  • video captures · Adriana and Monika · Michaela · Jasmin · Nadine - River Mosel

The ownership of the CD does not include any rights about duplication or selling of the pictures or the CD itself. Printouts for private usage are allowed to be manufactured.

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